In-office Sterilization

Thanks to the new Essure® method you can have a non-surgical yet permanent birth control procedure on your lunch hour, in our office, and with no down time.

The Essure method works with your body to create a natural barrier using soft flexible inserts. Over approximately three months, your body creates a natural barrier around the Essure inserts, thereby blocking the fallopian tubes and the passage of sperm. These non-hormonal inserts are made of materials that have been used in surgical procedures for years.

The reason you are able to have this procedure on your lunch hour is because there is no need for general anesthesia or surgical incision. Most women experience little to no side-effects resulting in little disruption to their already busy and fulfilling lives. Typically, the procedure takes no more than 10 minutes and you can literally be out of the office within an hour.

A three-month follow-up confirmation test including an x-ray is conducted to confirm that your fallopian tubes are successfully blocked. After this confirmation is provided, you may rely on Essure for your birth control needs.

Based on five year clinical data, Essure is 99% effective in the prevention of pregnancy. Since 2002, this FDA-approved procedure has been available in the United States providing approximately 750,000 women an alternative birth control option.

If you have decided your family is complete, talk to your Women’s Health Center physician today about whether this viable in-office option is right for you and your family.