At Women’s Health Center, our mission is to provide our patients the most comprehensive and caring health care in Connecticut.

A Completely Different Approach


  • Essure is the only non-surgical permanent birth control available. Stop worrying about an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Non-surgical Essure is a short 10-minute procedure that can be performed right in our office.
  • No downtime to recover Most women go home 45 minutes after the procedure and return to normal activities within a day or two.
  • Non-hormonal Essure does not contain hormones.


  • End heavy periods with a simple office procedure.
  • If you’ve been reluctant to talk to your friends or your doctor about your heavy periods, you may not realize how common they are – or that you don’t have to accept the limits heavy periods can put on your lifestyle.
  • Novasure is an effective, nonhormonal, permanent treatment for heavy periods. It is a minimally invasive, 2-minute procedure that can be performed in our office or hospital.

Natural childbirth “Your Way”

  • Birthing Your Way - A natural approach to labor and birth that will suit you best if you want to remain in control of your body as much as possible, be an active participant throughout labor, and have minimal routine interventions, knowing it’s all available if you need it.
  • Call to speak to our staff about your personal preferences for childbirth.

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Awards & Distinctions

It is an honest pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Rawal's. I find her to be incredibly warm and compassionate at every appointment.

I could not ask for a better doctors office! Dr. Rawal is AWESOME!!!!!


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- At the light, continue straight onto Commerce Drive.

- Continue up hill 1/2 mile; take left onto Progress Drive.

- Take second left into driveway for "Corporate Tower 4," then first left into parking lot.

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Our Care Services

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Laser Surgery

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